On the Way

They were so sophisticated,
had the best opera, symphony, art galleries in the world
but there were more than enough frustrated,
disgruntled, angry Germans
more than willing to become haters and scapegoaters and killers.
Our culture might not be quite as sophisticated as that
but we think we are beyond the best, exceptional even,
and yet there are approximately forty million
frustrated, disgruntled, angry, fearful haters
and scapegoaters on
the way to becoming killers,
fools and fodder for fascism.
Be aware; stay alert.

1 thought on “On the Way

  1. One of the great mysteries of history … yet, perhaps, not such a mystery, as a fluke, when the haters and the idiots coalesced to seize power, in spite of considerable opposition. Some kind of perfect storm of stupidity and the lust for power. Will share this …

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