The President and His Lust for the Seductive, Bare-Breasted Dancer of the KGB

Cool, calm, collected is how the former am-
bassador always seemed when interviewed on
television (with a backdrop of the nationally

known university where he taught) before the
often bare-breasted former KGB operative
put out a verbal warrant for him and several

other state department vets as criminals and
our president sold the ambassador,
down the proverbial river with a “Gee, what

a generous offer.” Now, the very same former
ambassador seems a bit tentative, skittish,
nervously giddy as he rubs his neck and

tugs at his shirt collar at any discussion
of his being sent to Russia for interrogation
and torture and a quick permanent trip to

the gulag even though the senate of the US
backed him unanimously with two abstentions
because of absences and the president reluctant-

ly went along, oh, say forty-eight hours after
the fact. I’d probably be a bit skittish and
chuckle somewhat inappropriately as I rubbed

my neck if the former KGB operative went after
me and my president offered me up on a silver
platter kind of like the head of John the

Baptist being offered up by Herod to the
daughter of Herodias, extra-biblically known
as the dancing seductress Salome after whom

Herod lusted greatly.

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