For What He’s Best Known*

The writer described all the (p)-resident’s fun
as a lesson in the deadly sins minus one.
Why, oh, why, did he leave out sloth?
Let’s just cozy up to the un-presidential trough.
Pride? From everything Trump — he does not hide.
Greed? Everything for money. It’s his only creed.
Lust? Speak of it again, we must? Dust to dust.
Envy? If for every time he knocks Obama, I had a penny.
Gluttony? A Big Mac in bed is the best company.
Wrath? Don’t cross the mob boss’ vindictive path.
Sloth? The dog ate his homework. Again? To the laziness of “lying” he pledges his troth.

*idea from an opinion piece in the Washington Post, August 24, 2018, by Colbert I. King.

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