White Fear’s Devilish Rationalization and Justification

Every Sunday they sit in the pew
saying, “Voting for Trump was the Godly thing to do.
Every president has had his sin.
He’s a man of God; we voted for him.
To get Bathsheba, King David had Uriah killed
and still with God’s spirit, David was filled.
An Egyptian, Moses killed
and he, too, was spirit filled.
With staff in hand
he led the covenant people to the Holy Land.
Get with the program, y’all,
and listen intently to God’s urgent call.
Didn’t God use the heathen Cyrus
to free the Israelites from the Babylonian crisis?”
“We, God’s chosen white people,
need The Donald,” they cry from the steeple,
“to deliver us from black and brown people.”
They say, “And that’s the bottom line.
If America was all white, America would be just fine.”
But wait! My Christian brother and sister,
don’t cradle, coddle and fondle fear.
It’s not too late.
to banish hate.
Hate’s inevitable course results in violence
and if, as Jesus said, you
live by the sword, you’ll get your comeuppance.
Didn’t Jesus say, over and over, “Fear not”?
Throw off that fear; don’t be bewitched by Devilish rot.
Jesus loves the little children, all the children
of the world, red, yellow, black, brown, white.
They are precious in his sight.
Jesus loves the little children of the world.
Before you tear the fragile fabric of this country anymore,
isn’t it time to end the Civil War?

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