Do You Hear The Orphans Scream? Do You Feel the Blow-back?

Everyday it gets worse just when you wonder,
“How?” “Oh, by the way (in a voice of incredul-
ity as if nobody could possibly have known),

there are about twelve-hundred more Hispanic
children in custody (captivity) in the US than
was known. And the government is in the process

of building accommodations to house approximately
three thousand.” Really, accommodations? Like in
a Hilton? Perhaps as in Hanoi Hilton. Where are

the parents? Frightened, in hiding? Do you hear
the screaming? And isn’t this akin, ironically,
to what we have been doing in the Middle-East,

where we bomb, making orphans of children. Do
you hear the screaming? The children then grow
up with extreme resentments, the screams subside,

they no longer cry and plan and carry out terrorist
activity. That is called “blow-back.” Every 9/11
there are memorial services in the capital and

politicians cry “Terror, terror, everywhere.” And
the president has the chance to get in hateful,
simple-minded rhetoric about Muslims and his base

goes crazy with false patriotism. So let’s all wait
around for ten maybe fifteen years when the adults
who were forcibly orphaned as children at the border

stop crying and strike out in hate-filled blow-back
giving us the opportunity to have another manufactur-
ed “day that will live in infamy” during which polit-

icians and a president can whip up the base with mis-
guided patriotism and horrible hate. Do you hear the
screams? Do you feel the blow-back?

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