Somewhere, Somehow

Somewhere, somehow,
along the way,
we lost our way
to get out to the way
of things in nature
that would kill us.
For centuries,
erupting volcanoes,
floods, hurricanes,
not to mention tornadoes,
would sweep across
the land
before we had as much
as a rudimentary plan
to escape the wrath.
We were in the direct path.
Perhaps, at one time, we
like wild animals knew better.
They and maybe we
ran or flew by feather
to higher, safer ground.
Now we can’t hear, taste
or smell what’s coming around.
Try to imagine the chaos
that would come upon us.
No wonder we conjured a future hell
As God’s punishment
we would tell.
Today, science has been an aid
in detecting and warning
us to get out-of-the-way.
Sometimes, even the government
has resources well spent
to help evacuate
before it is too late
and repair our sad, post horror state.
And now our notions are taming
and no longer is it God
we are blaming.
We have our selves
and our polluting to blame
for deadly weather that aims
to cause chaos
and destroy us.
Now, even the animals
are swept along
when everything
in nature goes wrong.
No longer do we need
for a next life —
visions of Dante’s Inferno.
It’s right here, right now
for all to behold.

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