The classical music radio station host told the audience
     she recently discovered a nineteenth century minor
composer she liked and that the station was offering
     the cd for a pledge of seventy-five dollars as the
riding lawn mower roared past their little travel
     trailer drowning out the first five minutes of the
newly discovered piece of music that when he was able to
     hear it sounded more eighteenth century than mid-
nineteenth. The piano had a distinctly harpsichord sound
     and the lilt of the tempo made him think of young
maidens in white dresses dancing merrily through an English
     garden. The riding mower roared again after the rider
took a bathroom break thus blocking out the rest of the piece.
     The listener caught the next pitch for a pledge and
thought to himself, “and this is what we left home for”
     thinking a camping trip would be just the needed anti-
dote to the ubiquitous roar of riding mowers in his neighbor-
     hood. He had actually been looking forward to a different
roar, the roar of the concert goers after the final note by
     the orchestra of the eighteenth century minor composer’s
composition but he wouldn’t even have heard that if the riding 
     mower hadn’t roared past because the composer only had minor 
status and the concert goers probably would have given the 
     piece a polite but quietly reserved reception — unlike that 
the man was experiencing on his getaway camping trip.


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