Twenty-Four Seven for a Week Camping With Two Who Are in Love and Have Recently Celebrated Twenty-Three Years of Marriage

So, five days together 24/7 in a
17’ travel trailer and we argued
vehemently about what exactly

last night before we went to
bed and let the sun go down
on our anger against what the

good book says and plotted
revenge all night long like how
I would take quick visiting my

son/her step-son in two days
out to breakfast without her
and then in the morning it was

a foregone conclusion that we
would apologize and we would
get on with getting on? And then

we pulled the Egg Camper into
the driveway, unhitched, unloaded
everything and went out for happy

hour and then looked forward to
an evening at home, a bit of TV
and a wonderful night’s sleep.

Later we would discuss my issues
with my mother and her issues with
her father and our issues together….

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