He Has Been Depressed

He has been depressed with the news — Supreme Court,
scientific shout-out about the environmental
burgeoning catastrophe, Congress, especially Devon
“Bad News” Nunes (See, now even he is assigning
negative nicknames.), Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham,
Jeff Flake and Susan Collins and the (p)-resident
(as always).

He’s been desultory about ubiquitous rudeness —
drivers running up on his car’s rear end, people
butting into lines, people two, three, four abreast
on sidewalks unwilling to move over for him and
his wife walking single file.

As if that’s not enough, he’s so dejected,
disconsolate, downhearted, downcast, despondent,
dispirited, dismal, desolate and just plain
down about everything that he decided not
to pay any attention to the news on TV
or on-line.

He came across a sponsored site showing photos
of famous grandparents and grandchildren.
The photo shown was of Sean Connery. Being a
Connery fan, he wanted to see what his grandchild
looked like. At first it was fun, the most fun
he has had in weeks, but 450 photos later,
still no Sean Connery and it was three in the
morning after starting the photos at eight p.m.
He gave up and went to bed.

But he couldn’t sleep. He’s so despondent
about not being able to see Sean Connery’s

The good news in his life these days is
the ad blocker he downloaded onto his computer.
Wow, he thought, it takes an ad blocker to give
meaning to his life.

It’s that bad.

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