The Waves Wanted To Play

The boy lingered by the Big Lake one day.
He listened to what the waves would say.

They spoke with such incredible strength.
Startled, he almost forgot what to think.

They crashed upon the sandy shore.
Scared, he asked them not to speak anymore.

But they just kept calling his name
and he realized they were playing a game.

They didn’t want to scare him this day.
Really all they wanted to do was play.

So he ran up to the edge of the shore
and dared those waves to crash some more.

He wasn’t scared of all their bluster.
He stood with all the courage he could muster.

Then they laughed and doused him with spray.
And as they left he decided, a while, to stay.

He stood his ground daring them to return.
He knew they would when it was their turn.

And so they came back with great gusto.
To which the boy said, “Sorry, I’ve got to go.”

The waves then begged the boy to stay.
They just wanted to play all day.

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