As One, Old, White Man Among Many Others — Yikes!

Thugism: he incites the base
to violence against women,
blacks, browns, Democrats —
inciting the base: “Lock her up,
string them up, cut them up,
slam them down,” “Rope, Tree,
Journalist.” But the thugs own
the whole government — three
branches. What are they afraid
of? Why are they raging? Why
are they stirring up hate? Why
are they being thugs? Because
they are angry, old, white men
who know it is just a matter
of time before they die…off?
Bingo! Lord, is it too much
to ask that you hurry along a
cheeseburger chomping, diet
Coke swilling, money-grubbing
angry, old, white thug to his
heavenly conversion in your
eternal grace and gift us with
the absence of one, angry, old,
white man with many, many more
angry, old, white men to follow?
Wait, I’m an old, white man.
Will I have to be there with
them? Oh, you are going to gift
them all with compassionate,
heavenly hearts? Really? I was
just kind of kidding about the
conversion thing. You can do
that? Even Trump? McConnell?
Seriously? Promise? Please?
Oh, you mean in heaven. Right.

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