Survives, Thrives and, Gloriously, Remains Alive

The mob mentality is just under the surface;
Ready to emerge and wreak havoc. It did

That in the most sophisticated society in
The world in the twentieth century. Why

Would it not happen in the United States?
It is trying to happen, but the United States

Is a society of immigrants who, over the
Years, has learned to live together. This

Diversity, these years of learning to live
Together will serve us well during these

Years of fascist emergence and race baiting
And tribal hating. I trust, I pray, we will

Emerge stronger, more diversified with pride
And a desire to make amends for our sins of

The past — slavery and the attempted, thwarted
Ethnic cleansing of Native Americans. I trust

That our experiment in democracy will endure
And persevere and emerge wiser, more mature,

More compassionate and a witness to the world —
The experiment in representative democracy

Survives, thrives and, gloriously, remains

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