My Family — To A One

My family — to a one —
has been taciturn,
but still much fun.
Wives ( I’m widowed
and married again in turn)
daughter, son and
one step-son.
They love small
rather intimate
social things,
where they can
tell some jokes
and have a lot of fun.
When we are at
the shore,
I gather bathers
and chat up a storm;
they gather shells
that have
washed ashore.
They say that is
my norm.
I say I am happy
that they are
I guess it’s
true that opposites
introverts and
can make a
happy pack.
Until, I talk
too much
and they —
to a one —
say, “Give us
some peace.
Please hush.
Enough with the fun.”
It is then, in
jogging shoes, I’ll
slip out the door
and find a
few people more.
“A top of the day,”
I say, “Want to
have some fun
and go for a run?”
They usually just
look and frown
and wonder if
I’m some kind of clown.
I say, “I’m just an
extroverted jogger
jogging around town.”
More often than not,
I wind up jogging alone
— yes, a lot. But I know
after my run,
my family — to a one —
will be happy to see me
back home.

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