That Beautiful Summer’s Day

He sits in his study and listens to the
classical radio station. The music is
Elizabethan. He is transported from

his study to the fine arts camp from
where the music originates only in
his mind he is sitting on a bare

wood plank next to his wife. They
brought stadium seats with backs
for comfort. They sit in an exact

replica of the Globe Theatre. It is
summer and they are watching “Much
Ado About Nothing,” which actually

is about something, the word “nothing”
meaning “noting,” or “to take note.”
The husband and wife take note of

everything including the fact that
they could rest their backs in a way
the original theatre goers couldn’t.

They take note of the length of the
play and wonder how those Eliza-
bethans did it. He sits up straighter

in his desk chair, stretches his back
and rotates his head around his neck
as the harpsichord and recorder music

come to an end and as he had done that
beautiful summer’s day they watched a
Shakespearean play.

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