They Say He is the “Closer”

They say he is the “closer”
like Mohammed Ali, a fast,

flurry of punches to take
out his opponent while all

over TV. In this case,
the closer is the Devil

punching the heck out
of the truth and lying

like there is no tomorrow.
His predecessor has hit

the trail, but he tells the
truth and it fails and falls

flat. Apparently, a lot of
Americans don’t want that.

The masses want red blood
and the Devil’s lies

come like blood flowing
from the country’s carotid

artery. Nobody wants
the nice guy’s message;

nice guy’s finish last if
not dead. So, in the short

haul, the Devil wins; in
the long haul, the U.S.

will pay for all its self-
ish, paranoid, racist,

misogynistic, homophobic,
nativistic, xenophobic

sins. That’s in the long
haul; as for this election,

only God seems to know
even as the Devil is the

whole show.

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