So Much for the Regulars

They sit around the corner of the bar —
Each one a regular: a husband and wife team —
the managers, he, maintenance, she, the books.
They could have been stand ins for the couple
In Grant Wood’s American Gothic. They drink beer.
Around the corner sits a fellow from
West Virginia who moved to be closer to
His daughter, but apparently, never sees
Her. He wears a Marshall U. sweatshirt.
Then two to four more — all around
The same age, wine and mixed drink
Drinkers. All the guys are gray and have large guts.
One fancies himself a dandy with a large pompadour.
Then ownership changed.
Nothing else changed for a while. Then the Grant
Wood couple stopped drinking beer at
The bar and the guys were seen around
Town at different bars but not at their
Usual seats around the corner of the bar.
Another customer asked a bartender who knew their names
Where they all went, pointing to the corner.
The bartender asked who and on given a description,
Just shrugged and mumbled, “Don’t

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