She cleaned houses of
the rich and discovered
that the facade doesn’t

match reality. She snoop-
ed and got the scoop:
the rich have problems

that money doesn’t solve,
perhaps creates and, for
sure, complicates. Simp-

lify, simplify, simplify
is not a slogan of the
rich. Complicate, comp-

licate, complicate, ap-
parently, is. The shadow
is hidden in opulence,

but the shadow knows.
A rich young lady said
to her parents, “We sure

look good to others, don’t
we? We sure have them
fooled.” It’s hard work

keeping up appearances,
keeping the secrets,
hiding the incriminating

evidence. But it all
looks real good, so good
most everyone wants it

and gets jealous and re-
sentful when they can’t
have it. Little do they

know. But the housekeeper
knows and sure doesn’t
want it, as she sings

“Simplify, simplify,
simplify” all the way
to her simple, little,

loving home where she
embraces the light
and the shadows.

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