For Years Now

For years now we have been
crawling up where the sun
don’t shine. Plutocracy posing
as Democracy, white anger at

what they see as encroach-
ment by vermin — not the
Deplorables but the Despicables
simply by skin and who they

love, and lackey, kiss-ups
just wanting to keep a cushy
job with a thousand perks not
available to the Leftbehinds

who are told over and over and
over that their grievances are
legit and that their savior is
coming wearing a carrot top

and having a really big bum
hole, which is there to climb
into for security kind of like
going back to the womb except

that it is putrid and slimy
and gaseous and it isn’t
anything adventurous and
glorious like Jules Verne’s

“Journey to the Center of the
Earth” but rather the bleak,
black hole previously known
as a (Shining) City on a Hill,

which, to be honest and in all
reality, didn’t shine brightly
especially for Native Americans
and heretics, but it made for

great publicity by prejudiced
Puritans and this myth really
has been going on for a long
time except this now isn’t a

myth and it may be a metaphor
but still…it stinks.

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