You Know the Old Cliché

You know the old cliché:
Today is the first day
of the rest of your life.
A theologian/writer wrote
that today is the only day.
And so I awoke today, the
day after Thanksgiving Day,
my only day.
I started reading my daily
meditations and poems in
my inbox today.
My wife just told me that
someone was killed in
Black Friday mall mayhem
in Alabama sometime in
the early morning hours
of today.
Today is that person’s
first, only and now last day
I’m sorry to say.
I wonder, if that person had
survived, what that person
would have to say
about the preciousness
of this — the only day,
or maybe that person
would simply say
that he or she regretted
not getting that “whatever”
and resented the one who
grabbed it out of his or her hands
on the great Black Friday mall
mayhem and melee sale today.

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