He Still Wonders

The man has been thinking about experiences —
Maybe, in hindsight, missed opportunities —
Third and fourth grades in the city and his
Best friend with whom he played all recess and
In the neighborhood after school — a black
Boy. He loved that young man, his best friend —
A kid, after the family moved, he never saw again.
And then in fifth grade in the suburbs, a Hispanic
Boy, so big he didn’t fit sitting at the desk. He had
Mild peppers he shared. The two couldn’t speak
Each other’s language but they communicated care.
Then one day the Hispanic boy who had to be lost
In the class where no one, including the teacher,
Could speak Spanish, disappeared and the man
Had no idea where his friend went. What could he
Do? He was just a little white boy who loved his
Black and Hispanic friends. Now an old man, he
wonders what he could have done, maybe what
He should have done for little white boys and little
Black boys and a not so little Hispanic boy who
Couldn’t speak the language. He still wonders.

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