He and His Wife Watched a Movie

He watched a movie about a poet
who couldn’t stop his fans from
praising him. Apparently, he was

addicted to the attention. It didn’t
work out real well for the poet.
After a long period of “writer’s

block,” he produced a poem that
sent his fans into a frenzy. Mobs
upon mobs descended on the poet’s

house resulting in mayhem, murder
and conflagration. He, the watcher
and a poet, concluded that the

medium was the message: the writer
had the idea and wrote the book,
the script-writer wrote the script,

the producers paid for the production,
the director directed, the actors
acted, the film was produced, the

DVD made, the horror entered his
house through the TV connected to
the DVD player for all of the

cinematic horror (the equivalent
of hell) to enter his brain and
send his wife out of the room,

for relief in the bathroom, all
of which told him two things:
1. the media probably is to

blame for the rise of demagoguery
around the world and 2. that he
should be grateful for only a

very few fans (and not hoards)
who read his poems at his blog
through the internet (that Al

Gore took some credit for invent-
ing {actually he didn’t.} and
believed it because it was seen

on the news which was watched on
TV) (back to the fans) on their
computers on their desks or on

their I-Pads or their I-Phones
anywhere which were the logical
extension of the creative work

of Apple’s founder Steve Jobs
who has been turned into a god
through media exposure with

millions of devoted followers
awaiting his return to earth to
save them from the mayhem, murder

and conflagration about to envelop
all because minorities are starting
to take over and white people will

be sent to barren, Sub-Saharan
Africa in a reversal of slavery and
poeple believe it because they see it

over and over and over when they
aren’t watching sports on the
TVs, which take up most of the wall.

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