Staring At Their Phones

He sat watching his grandchildren
stare at their phones. When he
was a kid he went on Sunday
evening with his parents to his

grandparents’ house where all
the relatives would gather for
supper. He would play games
with his cousins while the

grownups talked; The Ed
Sullivan Show was watched,
the TV turned off, his grand-
father would tell stories to

the kids which they didn’t
quite understand, his mother’s
brothers who thought they
were really funny would tell

terrible jokes and his father
would sit and shake his head
and mutter under his breath,
“Oh, my god.” The man was

grateful for the memories and
then he went back to watch-
ing his grandchildren watching
their phones. He tried to get

their attention and tell a story
to the kids like his grandfather
used to do, but they just ignored
him while staring at their phones.

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