Wouldn’t You Think?

Wouldn’t you think, given the brevity of
     Human life and what could be thought
Of as its relative insignificance, all things
     Considered, that we, short of span and
Of little import, would do something
     Of significant time and much import like
Giving, listening, offering compassion,
     Justice and sacrificial love — wouldn’t
You think or feel or both instead of not
     At all, wouldn’t you? Wasn’t Jesus’ life
Short of span and didn’t he come from
     A place of little significance and thought
To be of little significance, yet, who do
     We remember? Yes, the one who gave,
Listened, offered compassion, justice
     And sacrificial love. Is it Ozymandias
Or the Cosmic Christ who lives in the
     Hearts of humanity? So let us learn
How short life is, “count the number
     Of our days and so gain wisdom of

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