Is He There?

If something is false, is it there?
If one lies constantly, if one’s life
is a lie in its essence and totality,
is there the essence of life in its
totality? We look at a person who
lies all the time — lie upon lie upon
lie. Is he there with his pants on
fire? Is there substance? Is he a
figment of our imagination? Is he
like a mirage in the desert — the
promise of an oasis of lush green-
ery and flowing, refreshing water
only to be just that — a mirage, un-
real, not existing and the truth of
what is there is dry, hot, burning
grains of sand? When he lies are we
looking at just more and more dry,
hot, burning grains of sand? Is such
a person really just a mirage, not
really there? Is evil non-existent
as one religious group sees it? Or
is wanting the liar to be a simple
mirage vanishing before our very
eyes just wishful thinking?

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