Clean, Knock-Out Punches to Death

In the murder mystery, the protagonist cop describes
a tough boxing match he had with a psychopath he
later would pursue in a murder investigation. It was
a brutal fight with low blows and dirty punches and
bites to the cop’s face. The reader had been in a few
fist fights in his younger years but he took two blows
in life that he thought might finish him off. The first
was the death of his dad who walked out of the house
one day and never came back. The then teen got up from
that one simply because he didn’t know what else to do.
The second blow to his gut came when his wife died in
a day. He still doesn’t know how he got up off the mat
on that one because he didn’t want to get up, but he did.
His own psychopath tried to do him in twice, but he’s
back on his feet dancing around the boxing ring of life.
Like the cop, he managed clean, knock-out punches to
the solar plexus of the psychopath called Cruel “Out of
the Blue” Death.

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