If Christian love is an active verb
and not a schmaltzy sentiment,
if it means that I don’t even have
to like someone very much if
at all, but rather want the best
for that someone and if, as a
Christian, I am to see Jesus
in that someone and treat
that someone as I would wish
to treat Jesus, that is, acting
in that person’s best interest,
then, yes, I love Donald Trump
and I want the best for him and
so I will pray that he seek out
a mental health specialist ASAP
for him better to reflect the image
of Jesus and not the Anti-Christ,
and because I care deeply for my
country and the principles upon
which it was founded and the con-
stitution under which we all live
and thrive, I will continue to pray
that Donald Trump leave or, failing
that, be removed from the office of
the presidency, also ASAP, for his
sake, our country’s sake, the world’s
sake and finally, first and foremost,
Alpha and Omega, for Christ’s sake
(add intonation on that last phrase
as you wish).

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