A Pip-Squeak and An Orange-Topped Mocking Bird’s Tweets

He’s a pip-squeak of a guy,
maybe with a “Napoleon
complex” — for sure a white
guy susceptible to and

influenced by white supremacy
hate speech, incited from quite
a distance — the distance from
the U.S. to New Zealand. From

his internet diatribe one can
ascertain that he is a fan of
the occupant of the White House,
someone who has fooled so many

with his viral, tough, white guy
talk inciting violence here, there
and apparently everywhere. How
has the occupant fooled the racist

base? He’s pretty much a racist
himself, but he doesn’t identify
with that base at all. He despises
them; they are all beneath him in

his distorted mind; they are have-
nots; he thinks he is all in all and
has it all; except down, down,
deep, deep, he’s hollow and needy;

he panders to those he despises to
get the adoration, the money, and
the votes, and that’s what makes him
so dangerous, dangerous enough to

unleash the hate-filled violence
of a Napoleon wanna-be all the way
away, down under New Zealand way.
And the stats just keep going up

and up and up and getting worse
— fifty Muslim worshipers dead
in two Mosques in peaceful
neighborhoods. And the hate

goes on and grows on as the fear
and violence go on and on with
the screeching tweets of the
orange-topped mocking-bird.

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