A Guy I Really Respect

A guy I really respect
said, “I’m queer,” and
I had known he was gay,
so, what could I say?
That’s A-okay.
Then he looked at
me and said, “You’re
queer, too.”
What could I,
a straight guy, do?
He followed that with,
“We are all queer here.”
and for a second,
I thought to steer clear
of where
he might go with that.
But it turns out he had us there.
The Rev. stood in the pulpit
and quickly explained,
“I’m queer as in gay,
but we are all queer
as in peculiar people
along Christ’s way —
peculiar in a way
that counters the world’s way.
Where there is hate,
we are to love.
Where there is injustice,
we are to rise above.
Where the world is judgmental,
we cry mercy, mercy.
Where the world suppresses rights,
our non-violent protests create controversy.
Where there is violence,
we are to live in peace.
Where there is exclusion,
we make inclusion the centerpiece.”
So, even though I’m not gay,
please feel free to call me queer.
For, in Christ, I’m proud to be
particularly peculiar.

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