And so I wake to comforting,
inspiring, challenging, wise
words in meditations and poetry,
words with honesty about life
and reality from the writer’s
perspective and it is wonderful
to read such thoughts. Some-
times my mind wanders and I
go back and pick up the read-
ing approximately from where
I began to lose concentration,
sometimes re-reading a line or
two, which I don’t mind because
it is all good. I do this because
such attention is for my benefit
and I believe the writers want me
to benefit, otherwise why would
they have written what they did?
Then I catch up on the news of
the day and as one poet put it, in
a poem I read just this morning,
“the shamelessness of men….,”
and I am grateful for all the care
in helping me to sort things out
and not drop into despair.

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