Preparing a Flank Steak

He happened on a food article on how to prepare a flank steak.
Flank steak is growing in popularity due, perhaps, to the
growing appreciation of Mexican cooking where flank steak is
a staple of fajitas. It had been neglected for thicker, juicier cuts
like ribeye. Flank steak is thinner and tougher than a lot of cuts
of beef, but according to the writer, if done right, provides a luscious
alternative to the other cuts and, actually, can stand on its own among
them. A major component of preparing the flank steak is to let the
steak rest immediately after cooking so the juices can reabsorb through-
out the meat otherwise when you cut into it all the juices will pour
out onto the plate and the meat will be dry. A second component is the
cut. The writer said always to cut across the grain in very thin slices
because if you cut with the grain, the strands of flesh will be long and
tough and chewy. So, after you’ve been cooked by life just rest for a
while and let your juices redistribute through your body and when
you are then cut by life, be sure to stand against the grain because
you should, at the very least, put the best you forward when you
give yourself up to be consumed thus showing that you can stand
on your own among the best of them.

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