Stream of Consciousness Prayer after Reading a Meditation

Has it always been like this
(Oh, of course, the potential
is always there, mostly as
potential, occasionally as
an actual), or have the furies
been loosed? I’ve been
leaning toward the latter
based on personal experience
on the roadways with
aggressive, rude, selfish
driving and combative
encounters not to mention
stupid, silly disputes among
neighbors and reports of
increased random incidents
of bullying and violence not
to mention the growing
incidents of hate crimes and
fear mongering not to mention
that after a while there’s a
feeling of helplessness afoot
to do anything, anything at
all about it and so, I keep
coming back to “as much
as it depends on you, live
peaceably…,” and that is
more than a sufficient challenge
because my ancient brain, my
alligator brain kicks in and
because of who I am, I hear
fight more than flight and I
am inclined to be more a part
of the problem than a part of
the solution and I have to let
go and let God and realize that
everything depends on mercy,
mercy, mercy. Oh, mercy me.
Lord, have mercy.

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