Nothing Like Hate in the Monotheistic Family — A Prelude to Dire Consequences?

This incendiary intolerance (in this case, in the guise of prayer) is evident all over the place — yesterday in Pennsylvania’s statehouse:

Who knows where the consequence of this kind of hate speech will lead?

I’m saddened, I’m angered, I’m embarrassed.

I’m about to drop being called a Christian, at least as white, evangelical, “individual
salvation in Jesus Christ” Christianity in America defines it:

“Don’t call me a Christian anymore.
I just try to follow the all-inclusive,
all loving, all merciful, prophetic
and revelatory window to the God
of all creation, Jesus, for me and
you. Oh, and I try to follow the
words of the Buddha and Lao Tzu,

I once described myself as a Buddhist
Christian or a Christian Buddhist at a
staff meeting at a church I served as
the interim minister. The evangelical,
fundamentalist associate minister, went
apoplectic. If he could have invoked the
raining down of coals of fire on my
head, he would have done it, and they
wouldn’t have been coals of kindness
as described in scripture.

Lord, have mercy.

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