Purveyors of Justice? Keep the Faith and Keep Looking

We are like the ancient Israelites. We keep looking for and demanding a savior king.

Many thought it would be Robert Mueller. Well, if the full report is anything like the summary (Heaven forbid), Mueller won’t be inaugurated any time soon (and he may turn out to be a dutiful serf to the Wannabe King, the Occupant of the White House) and, in the words of a popular and already hackneyed phrase, the report is a “nothing burger.”

Or…maybe there will be enough there for the House of Representatives to do their duty and maybe the purveyors of justice will be found in the office of The United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

And the beat goes on…
and, eventually, justice will be done
and victory will be won.

Keep the faith, keep looking and keep protesting peacefully.

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