Running Out of Gas

The all-electric, sleek, luxury sedan
sped silently through the empty
streets of the city at night while
the man, watching the advertise-
ment, only heard sounds of the city
as the car tore around corners
and through straightaways. The man
wondered if the TV addicted president
has seen the ad and, if so,  wondered
if the president saw the ad as a meta-
phor for his presidency — luxurious,
smooth, sleek, the only show in town.
If so, thought the man, the president
once again would  be delusional. Rather,
a lumbering, gas-guzzling, air-pollut-
ing, noise-polluting behemoth that
stalls out before reaching its destin-
ation or is stopped short by law en-
forcement officers would be more to
the point, and while that, of course,
would be a commercial never made,
it is an actual made for TV reality
show running out of gas, ratings and
due to be cancelled.

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