Is it Too Late to Be Up to Date?

When he thinks back to his high school days,
The image in his mind is that he is completely up to date
With things as they are as of late.
But when he sees photos of things of those days
It leaves him completely in a daze.
Things in those days seem like a haze.
Everything is completely out of date:
Clothes are out of date,
Buildings are out of date,
Hair styles are out of date,
Cars are out of date,
Furniture is out of date,
High school dates are out of date,
Photos of him show him out of date,
And not at all as they are as of late.
He wonders if he needs to be up to date
With all the things that are up to date
As of late.
Looking in the mirror,
He sees he needs to go shopping,
So up to date
He will appear.

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