Mission Impossible or Just Repugnant?

He stopped along the jog and
stepped into a porta potty
in the park. When he looked
into the hole he saw a metal
snuff-box sitting on toilet
tissue soaking in water
deep blue. What to do when
he was through tapping a
kidney? He saw a sanitizer
dispenser and tried it. It dis-
pensed. It was then he knew
his mission  — reach down,
pick up the tin, drop it on the
side of the commode, rub
hands with sanitizer, pick up
tin with toilet tissue, drop
tin in the garbage can next
to the porta-potty, return to
porta potty for more sanitizer,
resume jog. Mission accomp-
lished; the theme music from
the TV show Mission Impossible
rang in his ears as he picked
up the pace.

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