You Are What You Eat — Does This Guy Get Anything Right?

Is everything about the occupant of the White House wrong,
including his eating habits?  We know he loves Big Mac’s, fries

and diet Cokes. He likes his steaks well-done. And now we
find out for breakfast he likes medium bacon and well-done

eggs. Seriously? Maybe a Big Mac and fries once a year
just for the heck of it or for spite, if you just had a serious

disagreement with your primary physician about your
diet but never, ever a well-done steak if you are a

carnivore with any respect at all for the cow. Steaks start
at medium-rare and go rare from there. And breakfast?

It’s crispy bacon and eggs over easy not over hard eggs
and wet bacon. Right about now I’m lusting after al dente 

veggies and a great salad sprinkled with olive oil and
lemon juice to clean my palate not to mention my thoughts.

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