We Don’t Choose Family

We don’t choose family. As hard
as it is for me to say it, Donald
and I are brothers with Jesus
even as we brothers are sons

of God. We are related by the
relational will of God. Often, I
did not wish to be related to
my family, but we don’t

choose family. What binds
us together? Relational love
like — Father, Son, Holy Spirit,
Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer —

a glorious trinity of love —
often like enduring marriage
when the little idiosyncrasies
are about to drive you nuts,

but you endure and come out
the other side more loving than
before — like looking at what
the loving other has to endure

from you — like having that
person’s best interest at heart —
like how sometimes it must be
hard for Creator and Sustainer

to hear the wondrous wisdom of
Sophia and then realize how right
she is. And so, back to Donald,
I want more than anything for

him to be out of office for the
sake and safety of the rest of
the family and, as with any tough
love, in the big house instead

of the White House for him to
pay his dues for his behavior
and to come to terms with his
prodigal son life realizing

all the while, there go I but
for the grace of God. And,
hard as it is to say, we
just don’t choose family.

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