We Are Protected

We are protected in joy
that such joy does not
take us into hellish hall-

ucinations for when we
fall into hellish hall-
ucinations we are pro-

tected and in sorrow
that such sorrow does
not take us down unto

death, for when we are
taken down unto death
we are protected for

Love Incarnate has been
to all the places that be
and protects us from

that which would des-
troy that which we ex-
perience and that which

we be. Our highs are
high and our lows are
low and we give thanks

for the one hundred
eighty degrees between
them to feel and feel

safe within all universal
experiences experienced
by Love Incarnate that

we feel but stay safe
within the comforting,
affirming arms of the

Infinite, Immanent
and Intimate that reach
over, under, around and

through the 360 degree
whirling dervish dance
of creation.

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