The # You Dialed

I got a call.
I looked at the number: 1-616-blah, blah, blah.
I didn’t recognize it.
I let it ring out. No message.
I called the number just for the heck of it.
I got a “The # you dialed is no longer in service.”
Say what! I got the call and called back right away.
If I had answered, I’m sure it would have been a recorded message
from some person, group, organization, business trying to sell something,
get rich and join the one percent of one percent
in lording it over the other 99.99 percent
and the beat goes on
and on
and on.
It’s nothing new, this coveting, this desiring to lord it over everybody else.
It’s been going on forever, since
Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel
and so on and so forth.
You would think people would learn.
I mean it didn’t turn out so well for those four —
cast out of the garden, violence, murder.
But we keep shouting about it
and protesting it
and saying that the system is unjust
and there have to be laws against the gross
acquisition of mammon, the hoarding, etc.
And, of course, hardly anything gets done
because of the system where the ones who
could do something about it have been
bought off and if you try to get them on the
phone to tell them to knock it off, you get
“The # you dialed is no longer in service.”

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