The Triune Creation

“…the beauty of diversity, the holiness of essence, 
and the evolutionary pull of communion.”
    — Sr. Joan Brown, Franciscan


He looks around and sees so much green, so much red, 
     the vast spectrum of light;
he holds still and hears bird song, laughter, cries, 
     barking, waves crashing, lightning cracking, 
     thunder roaring, symphonies playing;
he sees diverse forms, animals, architecture, plants, 
     fish, the human race in all its glorious ethnicities….


He feels the blood beat of life in all;
     he hears the breath of life in all;
he inhales the glorious scent of life in all;
     he touches the earth and reaches to the sky;
     his arms swirl in it all….


He embraces the Whirling Dervish love that 
     dances in, through, under, over, around all — the 
glorious creation imbued with eternity —
     Infinite, Immanent and Intimate.

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