Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

He thought about it and said,
“The ophthalmologist missed
it, darn it. If he had caught it
sooner, I wouldn’t have lost
a quarter sight in that eye. I
would have been taking those
drops for two years instead
of just the one. I’ve only taken
those drops for one year. I
know that because I hated
the thought of taking a drop
in my eye every day for the
rest of my life and I have just
recently gotten used to it, so
it couldn’t have been very long.
I’ll ask the pharmacist how long
I have been taking those eye
drops….” “Two years she said.
I could have sworn. Well, I guess
Doc did all right. Tempus Fugit.
Oh, don’t tell me it’s already time
again for me to have another

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