June Is LGBT Pride Month Except at US Embassies

No LGBT rainbow flags at most US embassies.
It’s such a national disgrace.
It’s all for homophobic sensitivities
of Trump’s deplorable base.

He who cares not about what’s right,
panders for votes and baits race.
The bully looks for a fight
then runs away at a fat, old man’s pace.

He shoots from the hip.
His tweets take up time and space.
On issues, he will flip
and always will embrace

everything that counts for votes
among his deplorable base.
He’s incapable of giving hope
to the needy; he’ll just debase

any and all who stand in his way.
Let’s bid farewell to this child tyrant’s face.
while we all hope for a new national day
by outvoting his deplorable base.

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