Native Lady Justice Will Come to Stay*

Is there no final depth to depravity,
no final hell of evil’s machinations —
taking native women and girls into captivity?
Must the devil ravage the reservations?

Years go by;
not a word is said,
not one cry.
Are they dead?

Thousands of them vanish
into thin, mountain air.
Will no one — the White Devil to banish?
That devil has bought off the people —
( the devil’s tools — poverty, anger, hostility reign)
doesn’t anyone care?

And so we drug, dope and sell women
— they are just (sex organ) squaws —
into the burning carnage. Beware the omen!
Where is the cause; where is enforcement of the laws?

But beware! Phoenix will rise from the ashes;
for justice she will scream;
the devil she thrashes
her sisters to redeem.

The Great Spirit Sophia cries,
“Set my sisters free!”
and stares the White Devil in the eyes
and laughs as the devil flees.

The voices of the missing rise
on the mountains and over the plains
echoes of thousands’ rise —
a craven, male, white culture to blame.

You, White, European Devil, have had your day.
Native Lady Justice will come to the reservation and stay.

*idea from the following, searing article:

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