You, Norseman, of Viking Blood

Well you, Norseman, six-foot-four, steelworker,
Swedish on the border of Norway, descendant
of invading, terrorizing Vikings, child of
Odin by Thor, a Hanson changed for reasons
unknown, not explained satisfactorily (too
many on the block and the wrong mail kept
being put in the box?). She said you were the
father of her child. You said no. She had been
a dear friend, only. But you, Norseman, paid
support for years and years through years of
your own marriage and your own children and
then one day the descendants of the woman and
your descendants, Norseman, child of Odin by
Thor, compared genes and they were not related
at all. You, Norseman, said you had not had re-
lations with the woman, that she was simply a
friend, but you, Norseman, helped the woman for
years and years when there was no one else to
help and, Norseman, steelworker, your descendants
are proud to be of your caring, compassionate,
gentle Viking blood.

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