a dying culture*

in religious hollowness
they secretly relish
other’s suffering
but demonstrate
(downward directed) pity
and hide what’s hellish
(oh, you poor thing)
while inside giddy.
in their self-righteousness
compassion they feign
but can only strain
to muster
false pity
and superficial piety
while inside giddy.

*idea from a meditation by Henri Nouwen

1 thought on “a dying culture*

  1. Well said Mr. Poet … it is so bizarre, but their delight in the suffering of others confirms for them the righteousness of their cause, even as it reveals the evil of those who suffer. Giddy is the word, with a cheap and paltry pity, that isn’t pity at all, but gloating in their sense of superiority. Makes me sick to my stomach.

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