an irresponsible, destructive part of it all

we are all part of the vast
ecosystem and biosphere
while we are letting things
get pretty ugly by causing

the destruction of so much
of that ecosystem and
biosphere — thousands
upon thousands of species

of animal life not to mention
vegetable and mineral life —
gone. there was a time, fifty-
sixty years ago, when we

played a tv game where we
asked if the answer was
animal, vegetable or mineral.
we would now have to ask,

“given the destruction we
humans have brought upon
the earth, is it the now
very limited animal, vege-

table or mineral?” and the
answer would be some now,
really, scarce barely
recognizable thing maybe

animal, vegetable or mineral
or some horribly distorted,
grotesquely, genetically
reproduced monstrosity.

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