It Has Been Said

It has been said
that the man traveled
no more than fifty

miles from his place
of birth during his
thirty-some years,

yet countless millions
upon millions hang
on his every word

spoken on the
mountain and down
in the valley of both

blessings and curses.
Much, much older
and having traveled

much farther in
relation to the thirty-
some-year-old, but

not much in relation
to many others, he
believes a slow jog

along the trails near-
by would now suffice
along with a TV trip

somewhere hosted
by one of several
travel writers on

PBS, especially dur-
ing fundraising
season which now

seems to extend to
all four seasons.
He will continue

meditating along
with countless
millions of others,

on the words of the
one who, it is said,
never traveled more

than fifty miles from
the backwater town
where he was born.

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