The Cleansing Shower

The news media just doesn’t do the horror
justice. There are children on the border
who are living in sub-human conditions
(no toilets, no showers, no hygiene, no
clean penises, vaginas, anuses); did I say
that this is happening in the good old US
of A? But all the money has to go to the
defense department to protect our wonderful
world and way of life, like all the white
actors in From Here to Eternity except now
it is from here to hell. How many beautiful,
lovely, little children have to die before
the powers that be stop the horror in its
tracks, open the concentration camps,
embrace the children, hand them over
to their mothers and fathers and then
stand in the shower provided for the
immigrants, to wash away the shame
and guilt, clean their souls and begin
the hard but wonderful work of fulfill-
ing the poem on the base of the Statue
of Liberty?

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