You Had Better Pullulate

God said, “You had better pullulate
before it is too late.”
Abraham said,
“I’m too old to pullulate.”
Sarah laughed,
“I might as well be dead.”
Along came Isaac,
and God had the last laugh,
“See, you’re not dead;
you’re now parents instead.
So, instead
of trusting me
you assumed you were dead.”
Well, now, Abraham,
I want you to sacrifice Isaac;
your promised son will be dead.”
So, Abraham didn’t laugh;
he took Isaac up to the ledge;
he dutifully followed that path
with dread
and an angel of the Lord
held back the knife
and that put an end to the dread
practice of child sacrifice.
Over the next years
there would be laughter and tears
but the children of God
never again thought they were too late
to be fruitful and pullulate.

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